Happy Friday

It’s been one terrible dumpster fire of a year. For so many people. When last I wrote, we were still going through our own family crises. The stress of a pandemic has not helped. I developed shingles in June. I have since been diagnosed with migraines and psoriasis. The common thread? Stress.

I’ve seen memes about today being Friday the 13th lately. Because what could possibly go wrong, on a Friday the 13th in 2020?

I must maintain my sense of humor. If not, I would go completely insane.

The one nice thing is, despite all the hardships we’ve endured this last year, I have managed to keep my temp job. Sure, I’ve had to reduce to part time to manage my child’s conditions. I am presently looking for side gigs to make ends meet so that I can also spend more time managing his education.

Anyone else find virtual learning to be a complete nightmare? My child has somewhat gotten the hang of it. He needs constant prompting, though. And when he gets behind, his anxiety goes through the roof.

We are many, many assignments behind right now. When I try to encourage him to do them, we have meltdowns. The plan is to get caught up this weekend. Our meeting for an individualized education plan, or IEP, happens today. In about twelve hours.

I really should be sleeping.

I must commend the support staff at the school though, for trying their best to help. At one point I considered trying to medically withdraw my child because his stress level was so high. I think now, that I’m glad I didn’t. I met the special education teacher and she’s just so enthusiastic and all-around amazing. We sure could use the help. We are drowning on our own.

I hope you are all doing as well as you possibly can be, given the horrible and traumatic circumstances of this past year. I think I’m going to fold clothes and do housework until I am sleepy again.

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