About Us

So, I (Michele) was listening to a friend’s podcast (Erin’s) and her fellow pod-caster shared a story about sitting on a plane, Reno bound, imagining the guy who checks the engine getting into a fender bender. That fender bender causes him to be late, and the airline decides, eh, we have made this short flight loads of times. It’s fine to take off and not check the engine. So of course, the engine fails, and the pilot is explaining the whole chain of events but all she can think is SEE! I WAS RIGHT! I TOLD YOU SO! Then it was pointed out that no one would ever know though, unless she somehow got the anxiety out BEFORE the crash happened. And so this was created.

Current Anxiety speakers are Michele, Erin, and Cheryl.   Cheryl and Michele share a cat fear that differs only in the appliance involved (Cheryl’s is the oven, Michele’s is the washer/dryer.). Oh, and they knew each other in college, not just through cat anxiety.

You can also see Michele’s blog at EverythingITriedWasTaken.wordpress.com.